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ComTest Technologies, Inc. is the premier "Sniffer Expert" in Hawai'i!

ComTest Technologies is not only able to provide you with the most competitive sales and support of these products, but also has the expertise and experience to provide you with sniffer consulting and training services.

ComTest specializes with a number of protocol analyzers and security products, including Sniffer Technologies, EtherPeek and Iris.
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Sniffer Technologies
eEye Digital Security

Protocol analyzers, or "sniffers," have a variety of uses and benefits in a network environment. These include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Baselining/Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • ... and much, much more!

If you are interested in seeing a demo or have questions, please contact us:

Mark Bray     Network Systems Engineer    (808) 831-0020

WildPackets - Network Taming Experts

If you needed a Protocol Analyzer and could not afford it in the past, you may want to check out the Etherpeek Analyzer from Wildpackets whose price starts at $995.

ComTest Technologies now can assist you locally with information, installation and training on how to use this family of affordable analyzers to evaluate the performance of your network, and to troubleshoot problems your network experiences.

WildPackets, Inc. is a customer-driven, world-class provider of affordable networking software. Since their founding in 1990, their goal has been to simplify the complex tasks associated with maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing growing computer networks. Products include AiroPeek, the industry's first affordable, comprehensive wireless LAN analyzer. Enterprise customers who have standardized on WildPackets network management software and training include Motorola, Lucent Technologies and Cisco Systems.

Peek Technology

The Peek family of products provides accessible, affordable and well-supported software for ensuring the reliability of your network, e-commerce applications and Internet services.

  • AiroPeek - Wireless network packet analyzer
  • EtherPeek - EtherPeek packet analyzer is the core product of a complete IT support system that helps you effectively manage your LANs, WANs and websites. EtherPeek's complementary and extensible tools address the evolving management requirements of high-speed and optical networking technologies, new protocol implementations, new topologies and more.
  • TokenPeek - Token ring network traffic and protocol analyzer
  • WebStats - An intelligent, real-time website management analysis module for EtherPeek
  • iNetTools - A collection of menu-driven testing tools for Internet and IP-based networks
  • NetSense - Expert packet trace file analysis
  • ProConvert - Packet trace conversion utility
  • NetDoppler - Route discovery, latency tests and throughput tests to remote hosts
  • PacketScrubber - Selective trace file data removal
  • Network Calculator - 3 in 1 subnet, hexpert and latency calculators

WatchPoint Technology

WatchPoint takes the very popular EtherPeek product line to the next level. WatchPoint allows users to monitor and understand their network and server traffic in terms of the Internet applications that are supported, expressing them in global, business terms.

  • WatchPoint - Real-time monitoring of HTTP and FTP server performance and usage
  • WatchPoint Lite - full-featured shareware version of the popular WatchPoint website analysis solution

Bundled Software Suites

Software bundles perform a variety of network management tasks, including: performance management, fault management, throughput analysis, trend analysis and more. All of our stand-alone bundled solutions can be launched from a laptop for portable analysis, or from a desktop system. Choose from:

  • Wireless Bundles - Wireless and combined wireless and local area network management bundles
  • EtherPeek/TokenPeek Bundles - A segment-specific or enterprise-wide network performance management solution for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0. Includes EtherPeek, TokenPeek, EtherHelp, TokenHelp, iNetTools.
  • Network Management Suitcases - A cost-effective bundle of all the network analysis tools and support you need for managing and troubleshooting your evolving LAN/WAN environment. Includes EtherPeek, EtherHelp, NetSense, ProConvert, iNetTools, and a 15 or 27 month maintenance plan for EtherPeek and NetSense.
  • Web Monitoring Bundles - The Web Monitoring Bundle includes the full-featured analyzer along with the WebStats Analysis Module option for the delivery of real-time web site management. Includes EtherPeek, WebStats, EtherHelp, iNetTools.
  • Training Bundles - Product + Training in an affordable package. The novice or experienced IT Professional can learn how to apply EtherPeek to real-world network troubleshooting and proactive network performance assessment. Includes product and one seat in one or more public training classes (number of classes depends on bundle purchased).

Please call (808) 831-0600 for more information, pricing, or to see a demo.

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eEye - Digital Security Products

Iris - The Network Traffic Analyzer

Iris is a study in simplicity. A next-generation network protocol analyzer or sniffer, Iris allows the network administrator to capture and retrace the steps of any network user with never before seen ease. By monitoring both incoming and outgoing network traffic, Iris functions as a complete systems management watchdog.

Retina - The Network Security Scanner

Retina is the award winning network security scanner and monitor, that helps discover and fix all known security vulnerabilities on your Internet, Intranet and extranet systems. Includes an easy to navigate reporting tools to help you prioritize and isolate high priority fixes. Giving you total control over auditing your network security and open gateways to your internal network.

SecureIIS Application Firewall

SecureIIS is what will from now on be referred to as an "Application Protocol Firewall". Currently firewalls only apply to lower level network protocols. SecureIIS works at the application layer, wrapping itself around Internet Information Server and working side by side with it verifying data security. With SecureIIS you can custom configure your own site security, making it even more difficult for an attacker to compromise your site's security.

Blink - The Network Availability Monitor

Coming soon from eEye Digital Security. Blink is a network availability monitoring tool to help you proactively monitor your web content services. Providing a true content management and emergency alert services.

Please call (808) 831-0600 for more information, pricing, or to see a demo.

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